CIRCLY 7.0 - Full Installation

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Filename CIRCLY_7.0_Install.exe
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Date added 20 March 2018
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CIRCLY 7.0 (18 March 2019) - Full Installation. Warning:  CIRCLY 7.0 is not a free upgrade to a CIRCLY 5.0 Perpetual Licence. You can install CIRCLY 7.0 over the top of any older version of CIRCLY 7.0.  No changes will be made to your existing user data files. CIRCLY 7.0 will operate in Evaluation Mode unless you have a CIRCLY Annual Licence (typically using a Hardware Lock). Evaluation Mode has the following restrictions:
  • You must use the standard Material Properties provided with the Example Jobs or Workshop Exercises.
  • You can use the Automatic Thickness Design and Parametric Analysis features.